Sunday, January 15, 2012

Shannon Ridge, Single Vinyard Collection, "Terre Vermielle", Barbera - High Valley Lake Country, California - 2009

Terre Vermielle, Single Vineyard Collection
Producer: Shannon Ridge
Appellation/Region: Lake Country, High Valley AVA
Vintage: 2009
Grapes: 100% Barbera
PLCB Price: $14.99
"Quoted At": $29.99


Sweet aromatics upfront of vanilla and cinnamon, with dark rich black fruits, coming together in a scent reminiscent of blueberry pie. A hint of floral and earth suggest where this wine may be heading, but still very youthful on the nose.


Earthy and subtly peppery at first, leading to sweet spice of cinnamon and vanilla and the warm red and black fruits (plum, blackberry). Generous acidity helps balance, disguise and ultimately guide the high alcohol alcohol content (14.9%) to a warm lingering finish.
Wonderfully balanced and youthful as it is, it would be interesting to follow this wine for the next several years to see how it ages. There is enough body and tannin, and complex flavors to sustain maturity for at least 3 and perhaps up to 8 years. Great buy for the price.